PURE is a community of women from around the globe. Our events are designed to draw women together for friendship, networking, and spiritual growth. PURE attendees live in cities around the world, including New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, Austin and more...

PURE recognizes the need women have to "get real" with one another about their struggles and challenges in life. It’s more important than ever for women to have a 'safe place' where they can share one another's stories and come together for encouragement and support.  Whether you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, an eating disorder, struggling to find balance, wrestling with forgiveness, etc - PURE is a place where you can connect with other women who have 'been there' and who know what it means to find joy even in life's most challenging circumstances.

If you are looking to connect with others who share your similar passions and beliefs and to move into the world with purpose - Let us hear from you! We would love to connect with you and share more about the vision and mission of PURE for women around the world!

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PURE Escape Retreat

March 8th-9th

Tarrytown House Estate & Conf Center

$149 Registration (until March 1st)
$199 Late Registration (until March 7th)

Escape with us from the city for an amazing getaway!
Space is limited and is filling up fast.  

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“PURE invites women to come rest, learn, encourage each other and network. I seldom go to women's conferences because I have not found them to be worthwhile, but I was overwhelmed with the level of expertise by the presenters and how professionally the conference was put together."
- Kathleen Cooke, Cooke Pictures, Burbank, CA

"My favorite part of PURE was the relevant content; it was intelligent and inspiring -a weekend long drink from a spiritual fire-hydrant."
- Ruth Meek, Real Estate Agent & Speaker, Dallas, TX

"If you want to dig deeper, grow stronger, and laugh harder in your spiritual journey, don't do it alone! Do it with your fellow sisters... PURE is just the place…"
- Megan Alexander, Correspondent, Inside Edition, New York, NY

"PURE provided a forum for spiritual refreshment, physical relaxation, inspiring worship, and intellectual engagement, all wrapped in the beauty of nature and friendship. I especially enjoyed the fabulous array of breakout session choices, from Pilates and politics to sex and skincare."
- Renee P. Reynolds, New York, NY